tips of choosing school for child

1) Check out the school district's annual report to compare the expenditure per pupil in each district you are considering. In many communities, this dollar amount will be closely linked to school quality. This information is often available on the state's department of education Web site.

2) Check to see what services are available at the school. Look for guidance counselors, an on-site nurse, a librarian, and a secretary, and check to see if they work at more than one school. If any of these key personnel do work at more than one school, be cautious!

3) Check the structure of the school year. Do you want your child in a year-round school or do you prefer a more traditional school calendar?

4) If you are looking at a high school, check to see what percentage of the students go on to college.

5) Check the local library for books and videos on moving to a new school. Look for books for children as well as adults.

6) What is the school's discipline policy?

7) How are students graded?

8) How often are textbooks and classroom materials reviewed and updated

9) Is there a school homework policy?

10) What is the school's safety policy?

11) What extracurricular activities does the school sponsor?

12) How many students are assigned to a classroom teacher?

13) Is the library/media center well equipped and organized?

14) How do the teachers teach?

15) How does the school communicate with parents

16) Is there an active parent organization?

17) Is there a before- and after-school care program?

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