child is investation

Child is invesment. Generally people have invesment to hence its invesment asset have to in looking after better so that later give advantage for us. And so it is with child. child have to be looked after and taken care of better so that giving advantage to old fellow. what must be done old fellow to take care of its invesment asset

1. Giving good education

Education is capital which must be given by old fellow to its child so thatchild can get successfulness in its future

2. Drawing up to bounce

Successfulness of someone not merely determined by intellegence but bouncing strong also influence successfulness

3. Supply with intellegence of spiritual

Intellegence of passed to important spiritual of child so that child can run its his him at real correct band

4. Keeping in good health him

health represent vitally capital because with this health of child can expand optimally.

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