buy safe toys for toddler

When Buying Toys

•Read and follow the age label, warnings, safety messages and assembly instructions for the toy
Look for sturdy, well-made toys
•Remember that toys for older children may not be safe for younger children
Note: Check home-made toys for all of the same hazards listed on this sheet

Choking Hazards:

•Children under three years of age tend to put things in their mouths - small toys, small balls or small loose toy parts are choking hazards for these children
•Know how the child plays - small toys can be dangerous even for children three and over who still tend to put things in their mouths
•Check squeeze toys for loose or removable squeakers
•Check toy cars and trucks for loose or removable wheels, tires or other small parts
•Check the eyes, nose and other small items on stuffed and plush toys to make sure they cannot be pulled off
•Check that infant toys like rattles and teethers are large enough that they won't get stuck in an infant's throat

Other Hazards:

•Avoid toys with cords that are long enough to wrap around a child's neck, especially stretchy cords - the cords could strangle a child
•Avoid loud toys - loud noise can damage a child's sensitive hearing - a toy that is loud for an adult is likely too loud for a child
•Check that the toy does not have sharp points or edges - these could cut a child

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